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Good News for Multi-pet Households!

Good news for owners of multiple pets in one household! You can now look forward to our new Multi-Pet Discount on the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. PetPartners, the exclusive provider of the AKC pet health insurance plans, has launched a 5% discount for each pet’s plan when more than one dog or cat is insured in the AKC program.

You can now receive a 5% discount on the entire premium of all eligible plans in the same household for more than one pet – unlike some other plans in the market where the multi-pet discount may only be applied to a portion of the premium or exclude the first plan.

Get a Quote Today!

If you have not yet joined the tens of thousands of owners who are protecting their pets against unexpected accidents and illnesses with the, why not check out our range of plans and see which one would be best for your pet?

If you already have one dog or cat insured under the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan and have been thinking about insuring a second pet, act now to receive your discount for both policies.

Do you currently have more than one pet insured with the AKC program? If so, PetPartners will apply your discount at renewal. If you believe we missed one of your policies with your renewal notice (sometimes this might happen if the policies are in the names of different owners) contact us and we will be happy to check our records and apply the discount.

If you have any questions about your current coverage or would like a quote, please visit: or call us at 1-866-725-2747.

*See terms and conditions for a full description. Rates and coverage are subject to change. Coverage is offered by PetPartners, Inc. to all U.S. residents and is underwritten by Markel Insurance Company, 4600 Cox Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060, rated A ‘Excellent’ by A.M. Best Company. Full terms and conditions available at PetPartners, visit: www.akcpethealthcare.comor call 1.866.725.2747.

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